Dear Sweet Chicks

Thank you SO much for providing such a spectacular cake for our daughter’s
Baptism! It was a beautiful centerpiece to our reception, and had a
constant crowd admiring the details!

Once it was cut, we all marvelled at how moist and delicious the cake
itself was, not too sweet, but full of flavour!

Working with you was a pleasure, you turned my vision into a beautiful
reality. We will definitely be returning to the 2 Sweet Chicks for our
cakes in the future, and recommend them all the time to our family and

Thanks again,

Chris and Shannon Evink – In Hamilton



Oh my GOD!!! It is GORGEOUS!!!
This is AMAZING! I don’t want to cut it up!!! Hard to imagine, but it actually tastes better than it looks. Carrot cake is not my favourite, but YOURS is something really special. So moist. So tasty. Not too sweet aaaand who knew that it would taste so good with the chocolate!!!???

Gwen – in Mississauga

“I will definitely keep coming back again and again to 2 Sweet Chicks. The cakes look amazing and the taste and texture is great. Keep up the good work guys.”

Sherwin – In Brampton

The cakes from 2 Sweet Chicks are Amazing! In the past 6 months I have already ordered 5 cakes from them!! My mother’s 50th birthday cake, my son’s birthday cake, two father’s day cakes and a sweet 16 cake!!. My family and I just can’t get enough!!! The detail that goes into each cake is absolutely incredible. I especially love the idea of giving these cakes as gifts, there’s this wow factor to them that makes it more meaningful and more special than any ordinary gift bought from a store. Seeing my family’s reactions to their personalized cakes has been amazing! – There prices are also great! Compared to other bakers I’ve used in the past, who will charge you more – for half the cake, half the detail and half the personalization that Sweet Chicks does – but above all, the flavor is like nothing I’ve ever tasted before! Every cake I’ve ordered has been perfect, there light and moist – completely melt in your mouth. I will definitely be ordering again and again.

Samantha – In Georgetown


   Let me start by telling you the Happy Retirement Cake you made for my Dad was a HUGE success!!!

When my Dad saw it, he actually teared-up. – And I’ve rarely seen my father cry! He was sooooo touched and immediately recognized his Jaguar XKE replica, with it’s personalized plates! And… I don’t know how you did it, but the headlights, indicator lights and brake lights all sparkled so that they looked like they were really on!!!

In fact… Your cake was so lovely that my dad REFUSED to cut it! He did not want to be the one to destroy it!!! I had to rip off the windshield and hand it to him (while he covered his eyes), before he’d agree to cut it.

Once we eventually dug into it… Mmmmm… I LOVE your red velvet!!! The marzipan features were…. Amazing.

Everything was truly amazing Gabi! We are so wonderfully pleased. Thank you so much!!!

Kindest regards,

Gwen – in Mississauga


  The girls could not stop talking about your cake this morning….they absolutely loved it and wanted to be sure you knew just how incredible it was…of course, I agree.  Anyhow, they are both madly working on what kind of cake they would like you to make for their next birthday–so far Gracie wants a “baby Bratz” and Claire wants a “Justin Bieber”.  And they are sure you can do it.

They also thought you could win any contest and would be great on the Cake Boss show on TV.  Finally, they wanted to be sure I knew that you would make a wonderful wedding cake.

Jill – in Burlington



  I just want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my cake. Honestly that was the most beautiful cake I have ever eaten.

Jess – In Mississauga


This cake was for a 50th wedding anniversary. Cake was gorgeous! 2 Sweet Cheeks matched the cake up perfectly with an old black and white wedding photo. Because of the type of frosting they came the day of the event; just two hours before to set up the cake. Each layer had a different flavor and filling. The cake was a huge hit! Guests were actually asking if they could take home a piece.

Linda – In Oakville